Volume 1, Number 1                   April 2005


Whew! Here it is. The first issue of my new newsletter. Unless you've done one of these, you have no idea how much time and effort is involved in putting it together, all so I can share what I know about great communication with you, my friends, clients and fellow professionals.

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  • Do Your Best, All The Time!
  • Emotion: The Best Communicator
  • Motivational Story of the Month
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Do Your Best, All The Time!
By Lee Pound

Ever had this happen to you? You show up for a meeting and only one other person shows up? You give a speech and the promised audience fails to appear?

We've all had that happen and usually we react with frustration and don't give our audience the best that we can because of frustration, anger, and the feeling that we have just wasted our time.

Yet you can make many of these failed meetings into great opportunities. Use them to practice your presentation, help the few attendees on a one-to-one basis and to get to know the promoters of the event. After all, the promoters feel even worse about the lack of audience than you ever could.

When you give your best to the group that shows up, you show everyone present that you are a professional, that you care deeply about your work, and that you can always be counted on.

Remember, who will they call when they need a great, reliable presenter for that next big meeting?

YOU, of course!!

Emotion, The Best Communicator

Why are some novelists more popular than others? Why do some non-fiction authors become mega-best sellers while others languish?

The answer? The average writer gives us facts. The great writer gives us stories that resonate. The average writer uses technique. The great writers knows how we respond to key words that I call defaults.

Every word we read evokes an emotion, at times subdued and at times extreme, based on context and current events. When you use defaults you create emotion in your reader without ever saying what you want him or her to feel.

For instance, before 2001, the term 911 meant the emergency phone system most of us use to call an ambulance. After September 11, 2001, the term creates incredible emotion on such subjects as war, terrorism, security, and politics.

The next time you write, think about your audience first. What are their interests, concerns, worries, and needs? Start with a story that evokes those needs, then insert your information in a way that they get it emotionally as well as intellectually.

Motivational Story of the Month
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Where Is Lee Speaking?

April 2, 2005:
"Research in Southern Records"
San Luis Obispo Genealogical Society, IOOF Lodge, 320 Dana St. 12:30 p.m.

April 12, 2005:
"Writing Your Family Stories"
Simi Valley Rotary Club, Grand Vista Hotel, 999 Enchanted Way, Simi Valley. Noon

April 19, 2005:
"Achieving Your Goals," Lake Norco Toastmasters Club. (Not open to the public)

Early May, 2005:
"Achieving Your Vision For Your Life and Career"
seminar sponsored by Professional Coaches and Mentors Assn. Chapman University. Time and date to be announced.

June 18, 2005:
"Finding Your German Ancestors," South Orange County Genealogical Society, Mission Viejo, CA, 10 a.m.

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