Volume 5, Number 4                                       April 22, 2010

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Writing skills have become even more important as the world of marketing has grown more and more competitive. Today I'm showing you how you can easily create quality and interest in your writing. Read my blog at www.writingformarketers.com and my social media posts for even more information.

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Three Ways to Create Interesting Writing
Why Quality Writing Matters
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Three Ways to Create Interesting Writing

The only reasons to write are to provide information, sell your products and services, or convince your reader to accept your ideas.

When you write, whether it’s a blog post, a book, an article, even a Twitter post, you must make it interesting or there is no point to your writing at all.

When your writing bores the reader, you do him or her a horrible injustice. If nobody reads your words, you’ve denied them the benefits of what you have to say.

Here are three key ways to create interest every time you write:

  1. Create a headline or first sentence that raises a question in your reader’s mind. When you do this, you intrigue the reader to the point where it is almost impossible for him or her to stop reading. The headline on this post is one good example. Another is to use the phrase “How to … ” in the headline.

  2. Put yourself in your writing as the main character. Isn’t that for fiction writers? Yes, but it’s also for non-fiction writers. You are the main character in your writing. When you teach, draw on your experience with your subject in a very personal way that nobody else can duplicate.

  3. Create a strong emotional reaction with your writing. People learn when they have an emotional experience. Surround your facts with a story or case study that shows exactly how your process works in a way that the reader can see and experience.

You must do all three of these together to create the most interesting writing. I remember back to my newspaper days, when I had to write dozens of headlines for stories in every issue. Every headline had to intrigue the reader to draw him or her into the story.

If you want great samples of how this is done, pick up a newspaper today and look at the headlines. Ask yourself how the writer got you to read the story, then use that technique in your own writing.

Interesting writing doesn’t just happen. It is a process that you can learn. Start by using these techniques in the next article or blog post you write.

Why Quality Writing Matters

You hear it all the time from guru after guru.

“Don’t worry about the quality. Just get your writing out there. Nobody reads it anyway.”

If you buy this, you are shooting yourself in the foot as a marketer. You are driving away customers you never knew existed. You are giving your business a reputation that’s less than professional.

The truth is that everything we do in marketing and building relationships is based on the written word. Every blog post is written, videos are planned out and scripted, social media posts are written. And for those of you who are screaming audio and video and speeches, these are just as much written as anything else. The ones done without planning are just bad first drafts.

And yes, it is true that it seems like a lot of people don’t read, maybe  don’t even listen. The big question is: WHY? Could it be that they’re bored? Could it be that your information is of no value to them? Could it be that your emails don’t grab their attention?

Even non-readers do read, when it matters to them. They read email. They read how-to books in their speciality. They read letters. They read Twitter posts that interest them. You job is to write copy that matters, that addresses your audience on their terms. It’s not that people don’t read, it’s just that they don’t read material that bores them. Quality writing, as defined below, creates interest and gets YOUR audience to read YOUR message.

Many people have the idea that quality is about highly literary writing, about fine turns of phrase, about being Hemingway or Shakespeare. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Quality in writing is about a few very specific items that you must do if you are to interest those non-readers. These are:

  • Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  • Paragraphs that make sense

  • First lines and headlines that grab attention

  • Sentences that pique the reader’s curiosity

  • Examples and stories that create an emotional experience

  • A close that tells readers what you want them to do with what they just read

  • Content that addresses their specific problems and desires

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