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Which is more important to you, the rules of writing or the results your writing generates?

The answer is obvious. If you don't get results it doesn't matter how perfect your writing is.

In this newsletter and in my courses, programs, and books, you will go beyond the rules to the true reason for writing, creating a gut reaction in your readers that leads them to accept your ideas and buy your products and services.

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The Difference Between Grammar and Style
Why the Active Voice is Important in Storytelling
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The Difference Between Grammar and Style
The issue of what is grammar and what is style has confused writers for a long time. Here in my opinion is the big difference.

Grammar is the rules of the road that writers play by. It creates the basic structure that leads to clear understanding of what is being said. For instance, grammar dictates the order words fall in a sentence in general terms, how plurals are formed, how the various persons (I, he/she, you, we, and they) are formed and how the verb endings work, and so forth. These rules, as they are called, are in many cases flexible but only to a point. You wouldn’t say “I weren’tn’t gonded” and make any sense although you could make out what the person might be saying. It violates grammar. Nor would you say, “The I car up walked, hill the.”

To me style has two components.... (Read more)

Why the Active Voice Is Important in Storytelling
I’ve recently heard some discussion about whether one should always use the active voice in writing as opposed to the passive. Some editors have taken the stand that one should never use the passive voice while others say it is useful in some situations.

This sounds like an esoteric discussion but it is very practical in that the success of much of our writing is determined by the voice we use. To be clear, the active voice is simply a subject acting on a noun as in, “The car hit the tree.” The passive voice is, “The tree was hit by the car.” It could also be, “The tree was hit.”

My first rule of writing is that.... (Read more)

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