Volume 1, Number 3                   December 2005

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When I wrote my last newsletter in June, I could not have imagined the changes that take place in the following six months. Now, as we experience the Christmas season and look forward to the new year, I look back with the realization that many of the new directions I am taking would not have been possible without these changes.

At some point, as we take responsibility for our futures, we must change paths. At times this is not voluntary but usually ends up being for the good.

When you face challenges, when everything changes, look for the positive. It is easy to get depressed and blame others when in most case we share responsibility and can only recover by taking positive action.

As I wondered where to take my life, I discovered that I was pushing too hard, creating stress and getting nowhere. It was only when I let go, took time away from working, admitted that my former path was not working, and allowed time to breathe, relax and see the goodness around me that my focus changed fro the past to the future.

Christmas provides a message of hope and redemption that can change our lives. I invite you to join me on that journey of change and hope. I intend to make the next year a great and I challenge you to make yours great as well.

Best wishes,
Lee Pound

Featured Articles in this issue:
  • A Message of Hope
  • Communicate with Yourself

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A Message of Hope
By Lee Pound

Many of us face challenges this Christmas season, whether personal or professional. We look back on the past year and see accomplishments but we also see goals we did not achieve, steps we did not take and problems we did not resolve.

Many of us look a life from a negative perspective. We can't do something, this is too hard, that won't work, we have no talents, or we don't have enough money. The list is endless.

It is true that you get what you think about. If you concentrate on what is not working in your life, it will continue to not work. If you concentrate on what can work, on the belief that you have unique potential to do good in this world and that the world will pay you to do so, you will have success.

I have found that belief plays a crucial role in success. If you believe you can accomplish a task, you will. If you believe you can't, you will fail.

I have set ambitious goals for myself for the coming year. I believe that I can meet them and exceed them. All it takes is knowledge of the end point and the steps you must take to get there. Simple. Profound. And so hard for most people to do.

Communicate with Yourself
By Lee Pound

Success starts with self-knowledge. The first and most important communication skill you can master is to listen to yourself. We talk to ourselves more than we talk to any other person. Listen to yourself for a time. Monitor the thoughts that pass through your mind.

As you listen, ask yourself if they are positive or negative. Are they holding you back or are they moving you forward? Do you tell yourself the things you cannot do or those you can do?

If you cannot find anything good about what you are doing or what you want to do, ask yourself why you are doing it.

Self mastery begins with paying attention to your quiet self, to the messages you send yourself and the messages you obey.

Two years ago, when I joined Toastmasters, everyone said that it takes four to five years to reach the highest levels of the program. Many people said it was hard to get speaking time at large clubs, that a month between speeches was average.

I set as my goal to speak often, wherever possible and whenever possible. I filled in when others could not speak, often with little notice. I spoke at other clubs. After little more than one year, I had given 60 to 70 speeches and attained the highest educational level.

I created my own message of what was possible and refused to listen to those who put out a more negative message.

When you look for the positive possibilities, you find them. Your life and career go where your thoughts lead you so listen to yourself first, give yourself positive messages and toss out the negative messages. You will be amazed at the results.


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