Volume 4, Number 5                November 2009

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First important item: In my note about the teleseminar on "How to Write and Publish Your Book" this noon, I left off an important bit of data. It's noon Pacific Time. In case you missed the email, the call in number and code are at the right. No registration needed.

Just got back from a seven-day cruise to Mexico. I spoke twice on the ship and my wife Sheri Long spoke once. Lots of fun, free shows and way too much food! I'd never been to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta so this was a cruise of discovery. After three walking tours my feet were sore but I knew these towns much better.

I have to commend Lisa Sasevich for her "Big Mission, Big Sales, Big Life" event in San Diego two weeks ago. Her event was choreographed brilliantly and included a lot of meaty content.

Both of these events reinforced my view that marketing is marketing no matter where it takes place. The cruise and the seminar were great programs even if you spent no more money than your entry fee.

However, both offered a number of opportunities to invest in various products and both did a magnificent job of enticing many in the audience to take advantage of the offers.

They did it in much the same way: both touched their audiences with numerous contacts before the offers appeared, both were extremely professional, both gave an incredible amount of value, and both treated buyers and non-buyers with the same courtesy.

You never know when you will see great marketing efforts. When you do, take notes and repeat the pattern.

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Recommended Programs

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Recommended programs:

Online Marketing Teleseminar

My friends Daniel and Laurel of BizzBoosters are hosting a special free teleseminar right after mine at 1 p.m. Pacific Time today. They will show you how to eliminate seven deadly sins of online marketing.

On the call you will learn:

  • The number 1 thing you MUST use in ALL your marketing materials or you'll never make any real money online (or in your business as a whole for that matter).

  • The 3 mistakes entrepreneurs make when they start using Social Media to market online—and how to fix them Fast & Free.

  • The "P.S." that will separate you from your competition—and a crash course on how to design one that rocks!

All you have to do to get a whole lot of help with your online marketing is 3 easy & simple things:
     1-Click this link
     2-Put your name & email address in the form on that page

   3-Confirm your request in the confirmation email you’ll receive soon after. In minutes you'll get the call-in number and access code.

If the time or the date is not convenient for you, register just the same so we can send you a link to the recording after the call.

Book Launch -- Keep Any Promises

My friend Karim Ismail is launching his new book, Keep Any Promises, a Blueprint for Designing Your Future, today.

He begins by asking: Have you ever tried to find a destination without a map?  I'm sure you realize how easy it is to get lost and off the path.


Only when it’s too late do we finally give in and admit we were never headed in the right direction to begin with.


The reality is, that instead of continuing to do something that is not working for us, we need to stop and try something different.


However, it’s hard to stop unless we know what the “core challenges” are that are blocking our progress.


In his book, Karim shows us how to discover these core challenges that block progress and now to overcome them so we continue in the right direction. His key concept is "Nothing happens until something moves" and he shows you how to move yourself to create success.


If you buy Karim's book today by clicking the link below, you will get access to 28 FR.E.E BONUSES worth up to $4,650 in self improvement materials! (Including a special, never before offered one from me)



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