Volume 4, Number 6                November 12, 2009

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Wow, a lot's been going on lately.

First, You need to know about Nina Amir's blog, Writing Fiction in November. She's been doing this for three years now and I'm featured today with an article on the ten most common editing errors writers make.

It's all free. Nothing's for sale so take a few minutes and browse around her blog and get some great tips on writing non-fiction.

You can read my post at:

While you are there, leave a comment. She has a new post every day about writing and publishing non-fiction with some incredible advice.

I'm pleased to see Nina doing this blog because there is such a need for good writing in today's world. Without the ability to communicate the word about your products, services and expertise, it is difficult to compete in today's markets.


In this issue:

The Novelist as Persuader

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The Novelist as Persuader

I’ll bet none of you ever thought of a novelist as a persuasive writer. Yet the novelist is the most powerful, influential writer out there. Over 50,000 novels are published every year and people snap them up like candy (because they are the candy of the book world).

And I’ll bet a lot of you didn’t know this either. The best marketers use the same techniques the novelist uses.

What does the novelist do that makes his or her techniques so powerful?

First of all, the novelist gets you to read a story about events that never happened to people who never existed! Thank about that. Why would we read about events that are just a figment of some writer’s imagination?

Here’s what the novelist does that is so powerful:

  1. Grabs your attention from the very beginning.

  2. Creates characters you want to know more about (even thought they don’t exist).

  3. Creates a situation that ensnares the character in such a way that you just have to know how that character resolves it (even though the event never happened).

  4. Keeps you reading. The best novelist won’t even let you stop at the end of a chapter.

  5. Makes you want to know more and more and  more and more until by the end you are just screaming for a resolution.

  6. Creates opponents and bad guys you believe and even are afraid of.

  7. Makes impossible situations sound normal (as in science fiction).

  8. Has you quoting characters who never existed.

You could probably think of others.

Why is this important?

If you are a marketer or non-fiction writer, don’t you want to do all the things the novelist does? You want a powerful hook, a character the reader can relate to, a situation the reader understands, a solution the reader wants, a call to action the reader will respond to, and sales, sales, sales. Besides, your material is all true, isn’t it? That makes it so much easier.

If you want to generate a lot of sales with your copy, learn what the novelist does so well and do it in your marketing materials.

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