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In just a few hours you will learn to harness the most powerful
sales tool ever invented.

It's the same technique that:

  • Martin Luther King used to inspire the civil rights movement

  • Richard Nixon used to save his political career

  • Billy Graham and Robert Shuller used to build huge religious movements

  • Novelists use to keep you turning the pages

  • Speakers use to keep you entranced

  • Salesmen use to grab your attention

  • Lee Iacocca used to save Chrysler Corporation

  • Movie directors use to keep you enthralled

  • P. T. Barnum used to make his circus famous

Every one of these leaders knew how to influence people, the knew how to touch an emotional chord, they knew how to differentiate themselves from the crowd, and they knew how to get you to buy what they were selling, whether it be ideas, words, products, or companies.

And most people never knew how they did it. Or even that they did it.

Their skills were so natural, so in sync with how people thought, that we accepted what they said almost without question.

Is some mysterious skill that only a few possess? Is it a secret hidden from us? Is it forever beyond our reach?

It is none of those. In fact, anyone can learn to use this technique. All you need are the simple formulas that those in the know have used for centuries, even millenia.

So what is this technique?

Remember the best powerhouse salespersons and superstar speakers? Remember that emotional kick that left you on the verge of tears, shuddering and wanting to buy everything in sight? How did they affect you so strongly?

Sure, they speak fast, use a forceful voice, big gestures and lots of movement.

But that's not it.

They give you good information.

But that's not it.

Has this ever happened to you?

  • You gave a sales pitch, where no matter how many facts you threw out, your prospect never budged, never signed the contract.

  • You presented a proposal to the company board of directors that was voted down unanimously.

  • You sat through job interview after job interview and never got an offer.

  • You started a new business that never took off.

  • Your business card says the same thing as every other company in your field.

  • People could never remember exactly what it was that you did.

  • You can't seem to involve your audiences when you speak.

Everyone's been there. People think it is the powerful words, the beautifully designed product, the catchy phrase, the long resume, that creates success.

And they're wrong.

The best speakers, salespersons, politicians, entrepreneurs, and religious leaders know this truth:

"Powerful stories lead to sales."
Flat statement, right up front.

You see, successful people know that it isn't the facts, it isn't the fancy suit, the big car, the fast talking that gets the sale. It's the emotional connection with your customer, whoever that may be. And the best way to create an emotional connection is to create and use stories that enthrall your prospect in such a way that he or she accepts you, your product or your service as the natural solution to their problems.

Note the emphasis on powerful. There are ways to do it and ways not to do it. I'm sure you've heard unsuccessful people tell average stories to little effect. You've also heard great speakers tell stories with such power that you never even noticed the story, you were so involved emotionally.

Next time you hear a great speaker, listen to the stories. And if you count you'll find that 60 to 80% of the speech is stories. Each of those stories makes a point that the speaker wants you remember. The truth is, we consider and study on facts but we decide to buy on emotion. And powerful stories aim directly at our emotional buying spot.

"... I was able to truly connect"

"I recently asked Lee Pound to help me with a speech I was giving for our company convention. An associate of mine had recommended him because of his expertise in storytelling. I not only received help presenting my stories, but Mr. Pound recommended ways of improving my entire speech from start to finish. He helped bring my presentation to life with the addition of voice inflection, gestures and the knack for knowing just when to pause and just when to punch. He found words that could be eliminated, honing my message sharply. And he presented ideas for adding more descriptive phrases that brought my word images to life.

"Mr. Pound gave me the confidence to deliver my speech before an enthusiastic audience, with great success. Because of him, I was able to truly connect with my listeners."

Julie Wells
Spectrum Financial Group

You need to tell not just any story. You need to tell a specific kind of story. The kind that makes your customer forget they're hearing a speech or a sales pitch, the kind that entices them into an emotional frenzy that makes them want more of what you have to offer.

Here's an even more little known fact: Story techniques work not just in stories but in every part of your speeches, sales presentations and personal interactions.

I repeat: Story techniques work not just in stories but in every part of your speeches, sales presentations and personal interactions.

Here's how you can learn how to affect your audiences and clients using these powerful tools!

Let's get one thing straight. I'm not talking about stories in the sense of fairy tales and tall tales even though those create powerful emotions. In fact, they create powerful emotions because they use story techniques well, not because the stories have any inherent power. I'm talking about personal, powerful stories of your most profound experiences, stories that come from your heart and drill directly into your audience's hearts.

Consider the following:

  • Virtually all of the best radio and television commercials are powerful stories.

  • It's a standard in the restaurant industry to tell the personal story of the founders and what made their food special. Look for it on the backs of menus or on wall plaques.

  • Politicians use their personal story as an emotional selling point.

  • History is  a collection of well-told stories from the past.

  • We read novels because novelists are masters at using story techniques to transport us into the hearts of characters we can relate to.

  • Salespeople don't tell you about the product, they tell you the powerful story of what the product can do for you.

  • Newspaper articles are called "stories" for a very good reason.

And now there is a simple way you can learn these powerful storytelling techniques and apply them to everything you do no matter who your audience is, what your product is or what your career is.

Grab your copy of a Lee Pound's Story Magic home study course

Hi, I'm Lee Pound. I've told stories of one kind or another for most of my life.

As an editor in the newspaper business early in my career, I honed stories others wrote into powerful set pieces that had readers calling and writing with their own opinions.

My first speech, over thirty years ago, was an hour long in front of 150 people and consisted of one long story that incorporated the exact information the audience wanted. It worked so well that one member of the audience asked me to give the same speech to her organization the very next week.

Over the last 15 years I have studied creative writing, fiction writing, non-fiction writing, including four years with Sol Stein, one of the most powerful New York book publishers of the 20th century.

I learned the nuts and bolts of story techniques as they applied to writing, speaking and acting. I learned how to create characters, plots, visual details, suspense, story resolutions and story lessons. I learned how to put all these elements together in ways that you can learn so you too can influence your audiences through speech or writing.

As a writing and speaking coach, I help authors and speakers create powerful emotional connections with every word they use. As co-producer of the world-class Speak Your Way to Wealth seminar Orange County, California, I help teach these and many other powerful marketing techniques to the attendees, businesspeople and professionals.

I've shared the stage with such powerful speakers as Mark Victor Hansen, James Malinchak, John Childers, Adam Urbanski, Dave Lakhani, Eric Lofholm and Ken Foster. I've watched them work their magic. And they all use powerful stories to capture their audiences.

And just in case you have any doubts, I used my own powerful stories to sell more product than any other speaker at this year's Speak Your Way to Wealth seminar.

Through Story Magic you will learn the secrets professional writers and superstar speakers
use to entrance their audiences.


I created this program to help professionals, speakers, and executives just like you get more out of your professional and personal life. It will give you tools you can use immediately to multiply your success.

When you complete the course you will know how to:

Use my seven-step formula to create powerful stories

Find stories you can use to influence your audience by

  • Creating sales presentations that result in signed contracts

  • Effectively training people in skills they need

  • Getting boards of directors and top executives to support your projects

  • Selling investors on your business by showing your uniqueness

Create suspense that will keep attention focused on you

Use the three keys to creating powerful characters

  • The most important character is you.

  • Create the character you present to the world

  • Show your confidence and professionalism

Include facts and statistics in your presentations so the audience will remember them

  • Embed your facts in stories so they audience will remember them

  • Create a way to show facts visually

  • Create a powerful impression on your audience

Add the one key element you must always include in your stories to spur your audience to action

Use the single most important technique for making your speech memorable

Create rapport with your audience in five different ways

Insert story techniques into non-story parts of your presentation so they too will gain emotional power

Use the story process to create books, sales presentations, sales letters, and marketing materials.


You will learn by doing

This program is highly interactive. On the included CD, I will teach you each of the seven powerful steps to story creation and you will practice these techniques verbally using your stories, either existing ones or new ones you create while working with the program.

I will also include some of my signature stories and take them apart line by line so you can see exactly how I use story techniques to construct them and make individual parts work.

Most importantly, you will learn. I will teach you my best ways to use story techniques to make every presentation you make, whether to your boss, to a potential employer, to an audience, or in a book the most powerful possible.

You will not only make the story you work on during the program more powerful, you will know how to use the same techniques to make all your presentations as powerful as possible.

So what's the investment?

These skills are so important that I want to share them with many more people than I could reach one at a time.  These techniques are so powerful that just by listening to this CD once and working through the workbook one time, you will have a story that will help you get clients worth thousands of dollars time and time again. However I don't want you to pay thousands of dollars for this program. In fact, because it's recorded them because I can reach many people at once through this program, I have reduced your investment for the entire program to just $297.

But wait, there's more

Everyone who purchases Story Magic home study course will receive the following bonuses:

  • A detailed workbook showing you step by step how to create your powerful story.

  • A copy of my book, 57 Steps to Better Writing, which contains dozens of techniques for boosting your writing and storytelling skills.

  • Copies of my two novels, Satan's Angel and A Gathering of Strangers, which illustrate in detail all of the storytelling techniques we will cover during the weekend.

  • Three CDs illustrating storytelling techniques. These CDs contain some of my best stories so that you can listen and learn time and time again.

  • One month of unlimited email and phone access to me for any questions about storytelling you may still have that weren't answered during the weekend.

Remember, the power of story techniques is the best kept secret in the world of sales, marketing and speaking. Behind every great book, movie, commercial ad campaign, and speaker is a powerful story that makes the sale, that mobilizes your audience. The story triggers the buying impulse, whether you are selling widgets or motivation, because well-told stories touch us where facts cannot reach, in the heart, where we make decisions.

Learn how to harness this powerful technique today. Sign up for the Story Magic home study course now using the link below.

To a successful speaking and sales career,

PS: Remember, storytelling is one of the most powerful sales and motivation tools used by speakers and businesses today. Don't miss out on your chance to massively improve your skills in this crucial technique.

PPS: The Story Magic home study course is interactive. You will learn to create and improve your own material in ways you never dreamed possible.


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