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On the Lee Pound and Sheri Long ancestral pages I have listed the immigrant or earliest known ancestor of each line which I am currently researching.  The table shows the name, dates of birth and death where known and town with which they are associated.  They are separated by state so the reader will not waste time looking for a name in a state they are not researching.

The pages in the center contain the ancestors of my four German immigrants to the United States between 1845 and 1853 and settled in the Peoria, Illinois area.

For many years I was unable to locate any of these ancestors in Germany with the exception of Fredericka Schelling, whose birthplace (from her death certificate) was known to be Neckarbischofsheim, Baden, a small town in the hills of northern Baden near the university town of Heidelberg.

In 1969, after extensive visits with and correspondence with other members of the family, I published a book containing the descendants of Jacob Glabe and Katherine Stein.  At that time I knew only that they were from the German State of Hesse-Kassel.

In 1973, I traveled to Germany after discovering that most of the families named Glabe (Glebe in Germany) lived in a small valley between Niederaula and Bad Hersfeld.  I arrived in Niederaula, checked into my hotel and parked in front of the local church.  The next day, after a fruitless visit to Bad Hersfelt, I met the minister of that church.  She checked the records and found the marriage of Jacob Glebe and Katherine Stein and the birth of their first son Henry.  I copied out data on their ancestors for hours, then over the next few days visited churches in neighboring towns and added even more ancestral data.

A year or so later I discovered the birthplace of Frederick Goller on the death certificate of the brother of my ancestor.  Using a combination of professional researchers in Germany and microfilm available in the United States, I was able to extend the Goller and Schelling lines back over two centuries in some cases.

Some of these files are extensive and will take a few moments to load.  The results are worth the wait.  The source for this material is almost exclusively the parish church records in the town where the birth, marriage or death took place.  Early generations of the Meckbach and Weiffenbach families are taken from a history of Niederaula by Trautgott Classen published in Germany in 1979.


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