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I have been researching family history for as long as I can remember.  In the fourth or fifth grade I  was

Earl C Pound


copying out ancient royal lines and connecting them with each other.  In high school, I turned my attention to my own family lines.

I still remember my mother's answer to the question "What was your grandfather Watson's first name?"  She thought a moment, then answered Grandpa. Later research did reveal that he was named John Quincy Watson and that his line can be traced to the original John Watson of Narragansett, Rhode Island, who died in the early part of the eighteenth century.

Sgt. Benjamin H. Pound


In 1969 I compiled and published the descendants of Jacob Glabe, one of my mother's immigrant ancestors.  By 1973 I had traced all four of my German ancestors to their homelands in Hesse and Baden and extended the lines in some cases to past 1600.

Jacob Glabe 1815-1892
Katherine Stein 1816-1899


Because of my varied ancestral background, I have researched in virtually every state in the United States, the province of Ontario in Canada, parts of England and Germany and lately Mexico.

In addition, I have presented classes at several California genealogical conferences, including Hemet, Orange, Ridgecrest and others.  I also give talks on various aspects of genealogical research to societies throughout Southern California.

Children of Jacob Glabe and Katherine Stein
Jacob, Sebastian, Levi, Caroline, John & Henry Glabe



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