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JOHN POUND of Piscataway, NJ (?-c1691)

John Pound arrived in Piscataway in about 1682 from New York.  His origin prior to that is unknown.  My database includes over 11,000 of his descendants scattered all over Canada and the United States.  This includes many families of Quaker origin such as Willson, Shotwell, Vail and Lundy.  The highest concentration of family members will be found in New York, Kentucky and Indiana.  Correspondence from any members of this family is welcome.

JOHN POUND of Richmond Co., Virginia (c1650-1718)

John Pound arrived in Virginia in the 1670s and left numerous descendants, named both Pound and Pounds, in all Southern states and California.  The early generations of his family, particularly the third, fourth and fifth, have been very difficult to sort out.  Here, I am presenting a new proposal for ordering these descendants.

THOMAS HARDING, Northumberland Co.,     Virginia (c1630-1675)T

Thomas Harding arrived in Virginia in the late 1640's.  For nearly a century it has been believed that he was a son of George Harding of London and his wife Mary Orley.  In addition, his family has been overloaded with imaginary descendants and connections which are pure fiction.  Recent research has shown that Thomas is not related to the London Hardings and has refined his family tree to show only connections supported by the records.

SIMON SACRE of Virginia (c1650-?)

Simon Sacre, who arrived in Virginia about 1675, is one of the more obscure early settlers because he lived in New Kent and Hanover counties, whose records have been burned.  I am compiling a history of his descendants, who go by the names Sacre, Sacra, Sacrey, Sacray and other variants.  This will be the definitive reconstruction of a family about which almost nothing has heretofore been published.

JACOB GLABE of Illinois (1815-1892)

Jacob Glabe and his wife Katherine Stein emigrated from Niederaula, Hesse to Tazewell Co., Illinois in 1848.  They left over 400 descendants scattered in Illinois, California and other states.  I have identified several hundred of their ancestors in Hesse, Germany going back to the early 1600's.  All data about these ancestors is from parish register books read either in Germany or on microfilm.

FREDERICK GOLLER of Illinois (1824-1901)

Frederick Goller emigrated from Hollstein, Baden to Philadelphia in 1852 and there met and married Fredericka Schelling, who had recently arrived from Neckarbischofsheim, Baden.  They settled in Peoria, Illinois.  Although they have approximately 100 descendants, none are named Goller.  Their ancestors, dating back in a few case to the 1500's, are located in North Baden, South Baden, Wurttemburg and Switzerland.

HENRY HORNBUCKLE of Virginia (1653-1707)

Henry Hornbuckle arrived in Virginia about 1675 and left numerous descendants scattered across the Southern and Midwestern states.  After 30 years research, Hornbuckles in America, a 1,000-page compendium of his descendants, was published in August 2000 at the first major reunion of the family in years in Huntsville, Alabama.



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